Change in Retail Customer Experience 3 Ways Stores & Online Shopping have evolved during the pandemic

Change in Retail Customer Experience: 3 Ways Stores & Online Shopping have evolved during the pandemic

2020 was one year that has changed retail customer experience drastically. Whenever we had those emergency lockdowns, one thing that was in demand was GROCERY! But how did we get in there? How did we get the confidence of buying things despite knowing that we are amid a pandemic?

So, knowing the health concerns, ways like contactless payments, delivery options, and self-checkout helped. Retailers continue to respond to the crisis with resilience as they pave their way through the pandemic. This change in customer shopping behavior, channel preferences, category preferences has made them think out-of-the-box.

Let’s see the ways you can address these challenges and build customer loyalty in this digital age.

Preparing Merchandise to address unexpected product demand

Imagine you get a lot of demand for a particular product that is no longer in your inventory. Yes, this happens to most of the retailers these days. Hence, do smart work and be ready to welcome all the shoppers with anything they want.

Add products to the inventory fast: Bring in new products before the stock gets out of stock for the shoppers. Good inventory management would help you generate more revenue.

Go-digital: As a retailer, you need to ensure that everyone has access to your products digitally.

Communicate: It has become quite essential to interact with shoppers to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Contactless Engagement

It is important to choose contactless engagement to stop the spread of the virus. There is a rise in online sales ever since we got locked up in our homes.

One can choose Contactless payments, Contactless delivery, and Contactless services (such as virtual try-on, etc.)

Smart policies to ensure safety

The pandemic has made all of us come up with innovative solutions to tackle the virus. If you have a store, you can follow these practices to ensure safety.

  • Designate specific shopping times for the elderly to shop.
  • Of course, maintain social distancing.
  • Boost up the cleaning efforts.

These smart ways would help you prepare yourself for this change in the Retail customer experience. Also, our Shopify-Salesforce connector Sync Made Easy is available for free on Salesforce AppExchange. This integrator would help to synchronize customers, products, collections, and orders to Salesforce in real-time. Other than that, you can also import legacy data to Salesforce, manage all eCommerce entities from a single platform. It is currently the best integrator on Salesforce AppExchange. If you would like us to schedule a demo for you, contact us here.