5 Major tasks you must automate on your Shopify store

5 Major tasks you must automate on your Shopify store

Automation is the new-age solution for eCommerce businesses to cope with the growing demand by scaling up the internal processes and boosting efficiency and productivity.

According to the latest Statistics, Automation help in increasing sales, thereby improving the ROI of your business.

So, if you are wondering how to automate your Shopify store, head over to our previous blog to learn about the top 3 ways to automate your Shopify store.

Meanwhile, take a look at the five essential tasks you must automate to increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive growth for your Shopify store. Here they are-

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a crucial process in Shopify, especially when you have multiple stores.

Having up-to-date stock is extremely important for online sellers. But managing inventories and orders through spreadsheets takes time and is cumbersome.

Automated syncing of orders and inventories with cloud-based CRM software like Salesforce provides you a single view of your updated inventory in real-time, saving time and effort.

And the good thing is that you can automate synchronization across Shopify and Salesforce with a connector tool like Sync Made Easy at zero costs.

Shipping Orders

Successful Order Fulfillment is the priority of every Shopify store owner. So, it is kind of imperative to automate your integration with multiple shipping partners for faster and more accurate product delivery.

By automating your shipping management using various tools, you can ensure effortless shipping at affordable costs.


Automating Invoicing is one thing you must be doing from day one for your Shopify business.

Creating invoices on every order through a manual process is repetitive and time-consuming.

With Document generation tools, you can automate your invoice generation and create immaculate invoices by pulling real-time data from your CRM or any software.

Customer Support

Delivering real-time Customer support is key to retaining your customers. If you are not providing on-time assistance to your customers when they are browsing items on your site, you may end up losing sales.

Hiring executives to do this job would also cause a big dent in your pocket.

So, the ideal solution is to leverage AI-based Chatbots for providing prompt responses to your customers.
Through Chatbots, you can easily automate communication and create personalized customer experiences.


With email automation, Shopify store owners can automate the sending of emails related to product recommendations based on the customer’s wishlist, abandoned cart recovery, in-stock updates, and many more.

As a result, you can derive more value out of your email marketing strategy and boost communication and engagement with your customers.

Wrap Up

Thus, by putting these major tasks on autopilot, you can streamline operations and boost cost efficiency & productivity.
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