Shopify store sales in 2021

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store is Not Making Sales in 2021

Willing to boost Shopify sales in 2021? We have come up with top reasons that are coming in your way of success. We all know that having a Shopify store is not an easy task, but you can ace this game if you know how to play it!

So, today we are here to share with you the top 5 reasons why your Shopify store is not making sales. Let’s dive straight into the blog;

1. Your Site is not different from others

Many times we visit sites that look just the same, but sometimes we see websites that we can recall even after months. The problem here is that there are few decent-looking themes, and almost everybody is using them. So, how would you make your site different from others?

Shopify offers about 100 themes on its platform. Also, you can choose to outsource this task to Shopify designers or any other place to make your store stand out from others. So, when your site looks different and more presentable, it makes customers come back to your site again and again. Thus, this way, you will be able to generate more revenue.

Shopify store sales in 2021

2. Customers do not find your site reliable

While shopping online, customers research a lot! The reviews of your customers add up to their confidence in you. Also, you need to work on your site’s “About Us” page. You should make sure that your “About Us” page communicates and describes your business journey to the reader.

To build credibility in the minds of customers, you will have to showcase yourself and think from their perspective. They are buying things from you, but they are not sure whether the product will be of good quality or not. Or whether you are going to refund their money or not. Hence, they are several things that a customer thinks before making the purchase.

3. You are not using Lifecycle Marketing

Posting on social media is not marketing! When you are a Shopify store owner, the bigger thing is the communication between you and your customers. You need to utilize Lifecycle Marketing. Also, with lifecycle marketing, you should send targeted emails to your customers.

Lifecycle marketing does not mean that you are informing them about your product or a new promotion. It allows you to automatically send reminders to those customers who have not shopped in a while. Or a customer who added a few products in his cart but did not check out.

Hence, if you send them beautiful and personalized messages, they are more likely to connect with you and shop from you.

4. Location details! What’s that?

Not adding location details; This is the case with 80% of the Shopify store sites where we see a ‘Contact’ but no physical address. People tend to find assurance before they add their card details on your site! You need to provide them the real postal address.

So, now you will say that you are running your business from your home. In this case, a PO box number should work. Although, it is not as good as a real address. However, you can add that too with your contact details.

5. Lack of Salesforce Integration

What if you have a good site, utilizing lifecycle marketing, have proper contact details, and have made your site credible. But, all of this goes in vain if you do not have Shopify-Salesforce connector to manage several aspects of your site.

To generate good revenue, you should make yourself and your team capable of managing multiple tasks. A good integrator like Sync Made Easy acts as a bridge between your Shopify store and Salesforce. This application allows you to manage your orders, collections, draft orders, location, inventory, and more right from Salesforce. Thus, you should get your hands on an integrator that will help you boost sales.

We hope that you liked this interesting article. If you want to integrate your Shopify store to Salesforce, you can install Sync made easy by clicking here. It is currently in the top 30 most popular apps on Salesforce AppExchange and is also available for free. If you try it, then don’t forget to drop your reviews on AppExchange.