Introducing Sync Made Easy Pro A Scalable Solution for Advanced Shopify Salesforce Integration

Introducing Sync Made Easy Pro: A Scalable Solution for Advanced Shopify Salesforce Integration

In Shopify business, the ability to integrate the platform with Salesforce CRM can be the key to reducing operational chaos and streamlining efficiency. This is where Sync Made Easy Pro comes into play, a powerful tool that bridges the gap between Shopify and Salesforce with its robust Shopify Salesforce integration capabilities, ensuring your data flows smoothly and accurately between the two. 

Let’s explore this new Shopify Salesforce connector in detail!

How Sync Made Easy Pro Came into Being

The team behind Sync Made Easy understood that while their original app, Sync Made Easy, was a game-changer, businesses needed more. 

They needed a solution that didn’t just send data from Shopify to Salesforce but could also bring Salesforce data back into Shopify. This realization led to the development of Sync Made Easy Pro—a comprehensive Shopify Salesforce integration solution designed to provide true bi-directional integration along with more mission-critical capabilities. 

Streamlining Customer and Product Data with Bi-directional Sync

The most powerful capability of this app is the two-way sync functionality, enabling Shopify merchants to move data from Shopify to Salesforce and vice-versa. 

Here is a brief rundown of the key functionalities- 

Salesforce to Shopify Integration:

  •  Account and Contact Creation

Whenever your sales team creates a new customer account in Salesforce, this information can be instantly mirrored in Shopify by clicking on the Send to Shopify button in the Sync Made Easy Pro app. This feature extends to contacts and Person accounts, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and ensuring consistency across platforms. 

  • Opportunity and Product Sync

Likewise, When an opportunity is created in Salesforce, all associated details—such as product information, pricing, and expected closure dates—are synchronized with Shopify. This seamless integration provides comprehensive visibility into your sales pipeline, enhancing strategic planning and execution. 

  • Order Management

Orders initiated in Salesforce are automatically reflected in Shopify, supercharging your order management. This integration is particularly beneficial for businesses managing complex order workflows, ensuring that order details are accurate and up-to-date across both platforms.

Shopify to Salesforce Integration: 

The main app by default syncs Shopify orders, customers, locations, inventories, etc seamlessly in real-time. However, there are some limitations that are now addressed by this advanced connector tool. 

Below are some of the prominent additional features of the Sync Made Easy Pro 

  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery

Sync Made Easy Pro captures abandoned cart data from Shopify and syncs it to Salesforce in real time. Your sales team can then follow up with personalized offers, potentially recovering lost sales and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Real-Time Refund Sync

With Sync Made Easy Pro, refund actions in Shopify are instantly reflected in Salesforce, ensuring that your order records are always updated and accurate.

  • Product Information at Your Fingertips

Keeping your product information synchronized between Shopify and Salesforce means your sales and marketing teams always have the latest data. This synchronization includes product details, variants, and pricing. 

Additional Add-ons for Modern Enterprises

Beyond these core features, Sync Made Easy Pro offers more out-of-the-box functionalities that cater to the needs of modern enterprises.

  •  Preventing duplicate entries based on email addresses and company names keeps your data clean and organized. Detailed order information, including tax lines and shipping details, is captured accurately across both platforms.
  •  Moreover, the integration with Google Analytics means performance metrics and sales data are synchronized, giving you deep insights into your business performance.
  • Custom dashboards and reports in Salesforce allow you to visualize and analyze customer behavior and order patterns, driving informed decisions.

A Future-Ready Solution for Effortless Shopify Salesforce Integration

Built on a secure platform with 99.9% uptime and GDPR compliance, the app comes with the trust that your data is handled securely and reliably. Over 3,000 businesses worldwide have already discovered the benefits of Sync Made Easy Pro, experiencing a significant return on investment in the first quarter itself.

Wrap Up

Sync Made Easy Pro isn’t just a Shopify Salesforce integration tool, it’s a transformative solution that brings the best of both worlds. It allows you to automate processes, reduce errors, and gain real-time insights, empowering your business to grow and succeed. Willing to try out the solution? Book your trial now!