Maximize The Benefits Of Your OMS With Sync Made Easy

Modern customers demand fast shipping, hassle-less returns, and a transparent order status so that they know where thier orders are and when they will arrive.
That’s where an OMS becomes a must-have tool for Shopify merchants.

An Order Management system (OMS) makes it easier to handle orders from start to finish, helping sellers keep track of sales, process orders, manage inventory, and ensure that customers receive their products.

But did you know, you can further enhance the efficiency of this tool by leveraging the Sync Made Easy tool that syncs Shopify orders in Salesforce in real-time, allowing for instant order updates?

Let’s explore in this blog today, how you can maximize the benefits of your OMS with Sync Made Easy!

Sync Made Easy: The connector with robust features

As the name suggests, Sync Made Easy is a connector application that connects the Shopify store with Salesforce, making data transfer easy and seamless. The app allows for real-time sync of orders, inventory, fulfillment products, customers, locations, and drafts into Salesforce helping Shopify store owners get a unified view of their data across the platforms.

The end-to-end integration platform also syncs multiple stores in one org and supports various features, including multicurrency, person accounts, and more.

The app offers extensive support for a wide range of objects, enhancing the capabilities of your OMS.

How Sync Made Easy maximizes OMS’s benefits

The basic version of this app supports the following Objects in Shopify for a Comprehensive Order management experience.

  • Account/Contact with Shopify Customers

With this feature, you can Keep your Shopify customer information synchronized between your OMS and Shopify, ensuring that you have up-to-date details for personalized communication.

  • Order and Order Items with Shopify Orders

Real-time synchronization of orders and order items ensures accurate order processing and inventory management.

  • Product/Variant with Shopify Products

Manage your product catalog seamlessly, including stock levels, product variations, and product details, all from within Shopify.

Pro Features for Advanced Order Management

Sync Made Easy understands that every business is unique, and its OMS requirements may vary.

That’s why it offers custom object synchronization for specific needs, such as fulfillment orders, return orders, locations, shipments & items, and more. Businesses can request a quote for these out-of-scope integrations, allowing them to tailor their OMS to their exact specifications.

  • Fulfillment Order

While this object isn’t synced out of the box, the Sync Made Easy team provides custom object synchronization for fulfillment orders upon request. This feature allows you to track the fulfillment process meticulously.

  • Return Order

Return management is crucial for customer satisfaction. Pro Features include support for return orders, ensuring a smooth return process and enhanced customer experience.

  • Location

Pro Features also encompass location management, which is essential for businesses with multiple physical locations and warehouses. This feature aids in efficient inventory tracking and order fulfillment.

  • Shipment & Item

Shipment and item management is vital for businesses dealing with complex shipping processes and multi-item orders. The Pro version Features cover these aspects, giving you granular control over your shipments and items.

  • Order Adjustment Group

Order adjustments often occur in e-commerce, whether it’s discounts, promotions, or order modifications. With this feature, you can manage order adjustments effectively.

  • Order Delivery Group

For businesses that require sophisticated delivery management, the app includes support for order delivery groups, enabling precise control over the delivery process.


In summary, Sync Made Easy is your trusted partner in enhancing your OMS. So, embrace the power of Sync Made Easy and take your OMS to the next level.
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