Boost your Shopify Sales with the New Features in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Boost your Shopify Sales with the New Features in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Recently, the world’s leading CRM giant, Salesforce, launched its Summer ‘21 release notes. Since then, we have been finding and curating the new features in Commerce Cloud for all you retailers out there. We all know how difficult it gets when you have to meet hefty customer demands. But, we sigh because we have Salesforce!

However, Shopify executives have stressed that with COVID-19 vaccine rollout, consumers would return to stores now. Shopify also confirmed that it expects the revenue to grow in 2021, but at a slower pace than it was in the last year. So, you will need to plan ahead of time and make sure the customers don’t feel even a little discomfort.

After having said that, there’s good news for Shopify! Shopify’s income saw a surge by $1.3 billion on its investment in Affirm, an online payments company. 

So, today we are here to tell you about what’s new in Salesforce Commerce Cloud that would help your business. Without any delay, we will now dive deeper into this blog.

Newest Features in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The new features in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud would make it easier for admins to set up the app. Also, it would be easier for store managers to manage their products. You will witness improvements in Einstein Search Suggestions and new check-out and integration options.

Furthermore, you can track orders easily with a workflow in Salesforce Order Management.

B2B Commerce for Lightning

With this, you can enable Commerce to access the Commerce apps, objects, and workspaces. Also, retailers can customize the hybrid lists that would help them manage the products. With Einstein Search Suggestions, customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Salesforce Omnichannel Inventory

The Salesforce Omnichannel Inventory would provide an updated core action for use in the flows. You will get the feature in Lightning Experience. Also, It would be available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions. If you have an Omnichannel Inventory License, then this feature is for you.

Salesforce Order Management

With this, tracking return orders has just got easier. Salesforce Order Management introduced a Return Management Authorization workflow for tracking the return orders. This allows you to have a single view of the return lifecycle. Starting from the return request by a shopper, physical receipt of the returned items, till the refund processing.

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