Improve Call Resolution Time Upto 90% With Sync Made Easy

Improve Call Resolution Time Upto 90% With Sync Made Easy

Efficient call resolution time in support processes is a critical factor in ensuring customer satisfaction.

The clock starts ticking the moment a support agent receives the first call.

Today the customer seeks an instant resolution to the issue raised. The more time taken in the resolution process the customers become more impatient may lead to an increase in the volume of dissatisfied customers.

For Shopify merchants providing support services, the Sync Made Easy tool proves to be a lifesaver in terms of reducing resolution time for customers.

Let’s take a dive into understanding how this tool can significantly improve call resolution time.

Why To Improve Call Resolution Time

The e-commerce industry is growing and there is no looking back.
With their growing database, ecommerce businesses need to enhance their customer service, in order to retain existing customers and attract new customers as well.

However, in the process of scaling up, these challenges block the road:

  • High call resolution time: The time taken to gather data from multiple systems to respond to customer queries ultimately delays the response time.
  • Dissatisfied Customers: High call resolution time leads to dissatisfaction among customers leading to a decline in the customer database.
  • Missed sales opportunities: Limited visibility of customer data results in lost upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

How Sync Made Easy Improves Call Resolution Time

Due to customer data being scattered across the Shopify and Salesforce platforms, service agents often struggle to retrieve records promptly. Juggling multiple platforms to access updated customer data causes delays in resolutions. Moreover, the absence of a unified view of data also hampers upselling endeavors.

Sync Made Easy tackles these challenges by seamlessly integrating the Shopify store with Salesforce CRM, synchronizing data between these platforms in real time.

This integration brings about several significant benefits:

  • Unified data of Customers: Integration of the two platforms leads to unified data, ensuring integration of customer information, order history, and support tickets, in real-time enabling the support agent to have a 360 view of the customer.
  • Automated Ticketing: Customer queries created on Shopify automatically create tickets on Salesforce and vice versa, which resolves the agent’s time managing tickets from both platforms. Also, our app prevents duplicity of the record.
  • Reduced Call Resolution Time: The integration was so impactful that because of it the customer has attained First Call Resolution (FCR) leading to seamless customer

Business Impact:

Businesses achieved a 97% reduction in call resolution rate by implementing the solution. The integration led to major success in call resolution time and drastically increased the customer satisfaction rate.
They are able to focus more on customers’ customer-centric approach, rather than searching behind the story of the customer.


This is how Sync Made Easy is helping businesses cut down their call resolution time and deliver exceptional customer service.
If you too want to enhance the efficiency of the support processes, try out the app, now available on the AppExchange!