Google and Shopify join forces to make your store more discoverable on Google search, maps, & more

Google and Shopify join forces to make your store more discoverable on Google search, maps, & more

Google and Shopify are coming together for a new partnership. This partnership will allow Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants to get better revenue as their store would be more discoverable on Google search and across some of its other properties. The two giants have joined forces to compete against Amazon in eCommerce.

Recently, Google made this announcement during its conference for software developers, Google I/O. Also, with this partnership, now your Shopify store would appear with “just a few clicks” on Google platforms like Google Search, Maps, Lens, Images, and YouTube.

More Visibility, More Traffic, More Revenue

This partnership would help Shopify retailers as their products would get better reach now. People will be able to find Shopify stores on Google Search results, and thus, it would increase traffic to your store. This increased traffic means more queries, interactions, orders, collections, and revenue for you.

Manage the spiking sales with Salesforce

You will now have increased orders, better sales, and better revenue. However, managing these spiking Shopify sales can be a daunting task. So, you need to have CRM software like Salesforce to manage all your Shopify store’s processes in one place.

You have the details of your customers saved, their location, contact details, product history orders, and more in one platform. So, isn’t that great?

Shopify-Salesforce Integration

Your next question would be how to connect your Shopify store with Salesforce. For this, we have got you covered. You can use any connector like Sync Made Easy to integrate your Shopify store with Salesforce.

Besides, a connector would allow you to sync all your Shopify data to Salesforce in real-time. Furthermore, it would connect the two without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive data.

What else can you do with Sync Made Easy?

With Sync Made Easy, you can import all legacy Shopify data to Salesforce instantly. Also, If you add new products to your inventory, it will automatically sync them in Salesforce in real-time.

Besides, it has a breezy installation process which makes it easier than ever before. The best part? Even people with no or limited technical knowledge can use it easily. It is available for free on Salesforce Marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange. Now, beautifully manage orders, collections, draft orders, payments, and more on Sync Made Easy.

Wrap Up

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