How can Shopify-Salesforce Integration help in increasing Customer Experience

How can Shopify-Salesforce Integration help in increasing Customer Experience?

We all know that managing an eCommerce platform is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, little things can help you go a long way. So, today we will tell you how to get the most out of your Shopify store with Shopify Salesforce integration. Also, not just managing things of your store but how to boost customer experience with it.

Shopify to Salesforce integration is an investment that will keep on giving you returns for a long time. You will ask how? So, the theory here is that this integration allows you to retain your customers, and trust us, one loyal customer is better than multiple one-time shoppers. Big companies have always worked to sustain their customers using multiple strategies like special discounts, email marketing, targeted marketing, etc.

We shall not take much of your time now and just quickly dive into this blog. So, let’s see how you can boost customer experiences with Shopify-Salesforce Integration.

Power of world’s #1 CRM

This integration with Salesforce allows you to utilize every aspect of all the features of the CRM software. Multiple studies have shown that Salesforce is the world’s best Customer Relationship Software. Hence, you can trust this integration with just a blink of an eye.

Did you know that 57% of online shoppers say they’ve stopped buying from a merchant because of a bad experience or a competitor that offered a better one? 

Hence, it has become increasingly important to manage everything with the right CRM that can take care of your customer needs. Also, this makes the work of your team less stressful and decreases manual errors.

Maintains Confidentiality

The integration with Salesforce helps you maintain the confidentiality of sensitive customer data. Salesforce CRM integrated with Shopify’s customer support, easies the process of communication with the customers.

Sync Made Easy, Shopify to Salesforce connector helps you sync your customer data in Salesforce in real-time. Hence, everything is safe & secure. And, thus, this helps you in maintaining good relationships with your customers.

Manages Inventory

What is the important thing for a customer? It is, by far, finding the product that he wants! So, when we go to an online store and don’t find the thing we want makes us think that this product would not be available next time too. Hence, it is very important to add different products to our store so that our customers don’t go anywhere else!

With Sync Made Easy, your store’s data syncs to Salesforce in real-time. Thus, it allows you to know when a product will go out of stock. And, your customers will not have to see that the product is out of stock!

Shopify-Salesforce integration does give you a competitive advantage over others. Sync Made Easy app allows you to manage orders, inventory, collections, products, and more on a single platform.

Thus, if you want to install Sync Made Easy, click here. It is currently one of the best apps available on Salesforce AppExchange, your favorite cloud marketplace! Or if you are still a little dicey about it or have some queries, just click here to schedule your personalized demo call with Salesforce experts today!