How Shopify-Salesforce integration helps Shopify merchants with online sales

How Shopify-Salesforce integration helps Shopify merchants with online sales

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Published on January 7, 2022

The eCommerce industry is growing stronger day by day. Almost every data, prediction, and trend hint towards a massive rise in online sales this year too. And this is welcoming news for Shopify merchants across the globe.

As this year promises increased digital sales, this also means fierce competition and an abundance of choices for customers.

Therefore, Shopify merchants must take their customer satisfaction game a notch higher to magnify their sales volume.

And what can be the best tool than the no.1 CRM platform, Salesforce, to understand your customer better and win more deals?

So, in the subsequent sections, let us find out how Shopify-Salesforce integration can give you a competitive edge over others to do more online sales.

Grow online sales with Shopify-Salesforce integration

The Challenges

We know Salesforce is a customer-centric platform that provides precise insights into customer behavior and their shopping journey for you to design effective marketing campaigns for more revenue generation.

The biggest challenge for Shopify sales managers was to bring their store’s sales and customer data into Salesforce.

The Shopify merchants often need custom integrations as they deal with various third-party software, unique business processes, technological advancements, and competitive landscape.

So, to simplify their work, they need a custom end-to-end Salesforce CRM integration to enhance their sales processes without worrying about maintenance costs, security concerns, or issues with adaptability and scalability.

The Solution

The ultimate solution is Shopify Salesforce Integration.

Shopify store owners can easily address their concern of data integration from one platform to another by integrating their store with Salesforce.

By syncing customer data with this integration, merchants can get a holistic view of their data in Salesforce. With effortless synchronization of data, merchants can fetch their fast-selling products easily and keep a record of their inventory.

And most importantly, by understanding their buyer’s requirements with the insights gathered from Salesforce, the sales team can pitch the right product to the right customer at the right time.

These inputs also help in strategizing marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, the integration reduces manual labor and saves time for teams to concentrate on sales.

Wrap Up

Before signing off, let us guide you with the easiest and smartest way to integrate the Shopify store with Salesforce. And that is, using the best connector app Sync Made Easy. This app syncs unlimited data from your multiple Shopify stores in real-time.

Currently one of the top apps in Salesforce AppExchange, this app has helped many Shopify merchants improve their sales numbers with end-to-end data integration.

Install the app from Salesforce AppExchange and witness how it transforms your online business!

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