Learn how to Manage your Inventory Tips to avoid pitfalls of Inventory Optimization

Learn how to Manage your Inventory: Tips to avoid pitfalls of Inventory Optimization

The pandemic has made the customers shift to digital platforms for their necessities on a large scale. Thus, you need to gear it up to fulfill each requirement that may occur from the customer-end.

The ordering and fulfillment process can either make or break your relationship with your customers. Hence, you need to market your inventory across your network and allow customers to have flexible fulfillment options.

Avoid Fragmented Post-Purchase Journeys

We have all been at a stage when we order a product then we have no clue about it. We are left in the dark and have no idea when it arrives if it arrives.

You need to allow your customers to:

  • Browse locally available products across any channel.
  • Select the fulfillment method they like.
  • Check out using the payment method of their choice.
  • Receive order confirmation updates through mails or SMS.
  • Use self-service options to track their order, cancel, change, or add more products.

According to a study, 79% of consumers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services.

Avoid Over or Under-Selling Inventory

Have you ever placed an order and weeks after received a mail that said, “your order has been canceled as the product is not in stock currently”? This happens when the store doesn’t optimize its inventory.

Brands that accurately display and market their inventory across their network, with flexible fulfillment options, come out on top.

Optimize fulfillment processes

Retailers with multiple stores and distribution centers, in addition to their digital stores, often struggle to optimize last-mile delivery.

Here, you will need to build dynamic route options so you can automatically route orders to the best locations for fulfillment.

Implementing these tips will help retailers to avoid inventory bottlenecks and optimize digital and physical storefronts.

Integration with Salesforce

Now that we have talked about how you can avoid inventory management issues, we have a perfect solution for you that will handle everything for your store.

For this, you will need to integrate your Shopify store to Salesforce, the world’s best CRM software. When you integrate Shopify with Salesforce, you will be able to not only manage your inventory but, orders, draft orders, collections, payments, and more.

You can connect your Shopify store with Salesforce by using an integrator. Sync Made Easy allows you to beautifully sync your Shopify store’s data to Salesforce in real-time.

Also, Sync Made Easy is currently in the Top 30 most popular apps on Salesforce AppExchange. If you try it out, then please share your experiences with us. Or, if you want us to share a personalized demo, then click here.