Live Shopping: Latest E-Commerce Trend

Live shopping is trending these days in the e-commerce industry which provides an interactive shopping experience to the client. Live shopping is a step ahead of online shopping, where selling is done through live video, where shoppers interact with the brand in real-time and take decisions.

Live shopping is the latest trend that is gaining popularity as it provides an in-store shopping experience, and instills confidence in the shopper regarding the quality of the product, usage, or if it fits in as per their requirements. The live shopping experience is an enjoyable process which was a miss in online shopping.

In the blog, let’s delve into the details of this trend and how it benefits the e-commerce industry. Also, we put our thought into the future aspect of this trend. Let’s get started.

Trends To Follow In Live Shopping

Live shopping is gaining popularity and statistics show that the sale rate is exponentially higher on live commerce. There are different versions of live shopping that can be implemented depending on different scenarios. Here highlighting a few of them:

  • The one-to-one shopping experience on live commerce works best for luxury items as it gives a more personalized and luxurious experience to the client.
  • Live streaming products while featuring social media influencers, positively impact shoppers.
  • Live shopping also catches the attention at the product launch and engages the maximum audience resulting in maximum sales.
  • During Live sales, creating deals like 20% discount for the first 10 buyers, or only some products available on live sale, or any such deals leads to compulsive buying of products.

Benefits Of Live Shopping For The Merchants

When something is trending in e-commerce, it means it is benefitting the merchants as well as the shoppers. There could be infinite possibilities to grow in Live shopping which are yet to be explored. Let’s have a look at how live shopping benefits the merchants:

  • Live shopping leads to an instant scale-up the sales
  • It leads to impulsive buy-in repercussions of FOMO (fear of missing out).
  • It engages customers with other buyers and develops a competitive approach to the buyers, which again leads to an increase in sales.
  • Live shopping increases brand engagement as well as brings brand awareness.

Our Point Of View On Live Shopping

Live shopping is here to stay in the e-commerce industry. It has become an essential part of online shopping, maybe it is for product launches, campaigning, or any other event and soon it may turn into a regular way of shopping. It has gained popularity because of its customer engagement in an authentic way. At the same time, the merchants have an opportunity to showcase their products and convince the customers for buying the product.

With the increase in the popularity of social media usage, live shopping is an effective way to reach out to your consumer. This will become a more prominent way of shopping and soon more brands will engage themselves in Live shopping. We may predict that live shopping spread its influence on other sectors as well. The future of live shopping is promising and would be opening doors for micro or nano influencers


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