New Automation Features in Customer 360 to Help Your Shopify Store

New Automation Features in Customer 360 to Help Your Shopify Store

In advance of Dreamforce to be held next week, Salesforce has added new automation features to its Clouds and Mulesoft, also known as the Customer 360.

These updates will help Shopify store owners automate various tasks such as-

  • Empower the sales team to leverage the advantage of bots answering queries
  • Equip the marketing team to automate customer engagement
  • Resolve Customer’s queries in time and
  • Delivering digital promotions to their customers.

Most organizations today understand and agree with the need for automation of tasks. Automation can undoubtedly benefit businesses in a multitude of ways. There are various ways you can automate your Shopify store.

Newest automation features in Customer 360

1. Supercharge your Salesteam with the addition of automation in the Sales Cloud

Einstein bot for sales will be an advanced version of the average customer care bots we encounter while browsing. It will connect the customer to the right rep in Slack and will also be able to schedule meetings.

The Enablement feature is an automated tool that suggests tasks to reps and also tracks achievements.

2. New Automation features in Marketing Cloud

Coming this fall to Marketing Cloud are Account Engagement API Enhancements that allow new integrations with Salesforce’s CDP and external segmentation tools.

3. Automation addition to Service Cloud

Service Cloud Contact Center, allows the service provider to access data and provide proactive service across various channels in real-time.

  • The Service Catalog enables companies to automate recurring service requests like plan changes etc.
  • Flow Automation Packs, provide automation of the life cycles of certain tasks

Wrap Up

Hope you find the write-up interesting. If you are intrigued to harness the benefits of the new automation features, connect your Shopify store to Salesforce today! Install the Sync Made Easy from Salesforce AppExchange now!