Omnichannel Retailing empowered by Salesforce Things you need to do for your Shopify Store in 2021

Omnichannel Retailing empowered by Salesforce: Things you need to do for your Shopify Store in 2021

The digital transformation in the Retail industry has changed the way we shop forever.

Today, shopping isn’t only confined to brick and mortar locations but has expanded across online marketplaces, mobile browsing, and social media platforms.

Many leading retail brands offer customer experiences with seamless transitions blurring the lines between shopping online or in person.

To serve shoppers across multi-channels and touchpoints, retailers use sophisticated tools and software.

As a result, they give a real omnichannel customer experience to their customers.

Why Omnichannel customer experience is worth the focus of retailers

As per the study, 63%of customers want unified and personalized interactions based on their past shopping history.

They also feel free to share their data to avail a personalized experience.

Therefore, the customer journey which is built on trust leads to an increase in engagement rates, frequent shopping, and customer retention rates.

To sum up, retailers who focus on omnichannel customer experience stand a chance to win over more consumers than those who offer single-channel experience.

Omnichannel Retailing empowered by Salesforce Things you have to do for your Shopify Store in 2021

Salesforce for seamless Omnichannel experience

As a Shopify retailer, you must have a smooth marketing strategy and customer service across all channels.

But this is not enough!

You need to use resilient inventory management for a seamless customer experience.

But the question is how to do that.

And the answer is – Salesforce, the world’s best CRM that can efficiently manage your inventory to derive customer satisfaction.

Surely, this is a comprehensive solution that unifies all aspects of business with distributed inventory management and vast e-commerce capabilities.

How Salesforce delivers customer-centric inventory management

The new business mandate says, ‘Sell anywhere, fulfill everywhere’ and Salesforce helps your store achieve the same.

Salesforce inventory management has three objects such as-

  1. Item
  2. Inventory
  3. Opportunity.

By utilizing the capabilities of Salesforce Opportunity along with a custom inventory management object, you can manage your store. As a result, your sales reps will be able to provide up-to-date information to customers anywhere, anytime.

How to get Salesforce for your Shopify Store

Integrating Salesforce with your Shopify store is pretty simple. You can try our connector app #Sync made easy to sync your data seamlessly.

Sync made easy is a well-designed app to sync your orders, inventory, collections, drafts to Salesforce instantly.

Features that make it one of the popular apps of app exchange are-

  1. 1.Seamlessly syncs data in real-time.
  2. Has Dynamic field mapping.
  3. 3.Easy installation process. No codes required.

Lastly and more importantly, it is a single comprehensive app to manage all your e-commerce entities.

In addition to that, the app can be easily used by non-IT users too.

So, do not wait! Download the app from the Salesforce app exchange today.

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