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Salesforce Latest Holiday Forecast 2022: Key Takeaways for Retailers

Salesforce has recently released its latest holiday season 2022 forecast. The data clearly shows that inflation will play a key role this season. This year, the first and second quarters saw an increase in the average selling price and a dip in sales.

There also exists a global consumer pessimism due to inflation. These factors consolidate the findings in Salesforce Shopping Index, that online sale will essentially be flat this year.

5 Newest Forecasts for Holiday Season 2022 by Salesforce

As the holiday season is approaching, Salesforce has come up with the following forecasts that will help store owners in planning their 2022’s holiday season strategy.

1. Digital Sales will still be more compared to the pre-pandemic time

The digital sales graph is going to remain flat. But the number will still be more than the pre-pandemic time, even as buyers are coming back to physical channels for shopping.

2. The hiked average selling price will mean a lesser orders

As prices in April-May show a 7% increase, tapping into consumers’ wallets will be a battle. The orders are predicted to drop by 7% as compared to the 2021 holiday season.

3. Profit margins will be narrower

Salesforce analysis predicts that 10% of profit is at risk owing to the increased supply, transportation, and labor costs.

4. Consumers will start holiday shopping earlier this year

In tune with the early predictions this year, consumers will start their holiday shopping early this year. According to Salesforce 42% more shoppers worldwide and 37% more in the US are planning to shop earlier for this holiday season.

5. Shopper’s shift to sustainable products

An 88% of global consumers want clearly stated values from brands. Contrary to this a small number of sellers are promoting or offering sustainable options to their customers.


As the holiday season 2022 is approaching near, we hope you find the above forecasts helpful in planning your strategy for this holiday season. You can also optimize your Shopify store by integrating it with Salesforce using our easy integration app Sync Made Easy. Check out the free app today!