Top Salesforce Predictions for Black Friday that you shouldn’t miss

Top Salesforce Predictions for Black Friday that you shouldn’t miss

The biggest sales festival is around the corner and netizens are going crazy about it. But even in these difficult times, retailers have not left their hopes of enjoying good sales this year as well. It is because of the world’s #1 CRM leader, Salesforce’s new holiday season’s predictions.

Today, we are going to take you through these predictions and will tell you what to learn and do about them. Let’s see Salesforce’s top predictions for Black Friday.

Covid to set a new bar in eCommerce penetration

  • The prediction says that 30% of global retail sales will be through online channels during the Black Friday season.
  • Retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy have already decided to remain closed on Thanksgiving to avoid big crowds. Hence, shifting towards online medium during Black Friday season.
  • During these times, buyers are also moving towards online platforms to shop to avoid going out in public. Thus, retailers will see a surge in online shopping.
  • More online shopping means more traffic and more queries on your store’s website. Hence, you need a one-stop solution that lets you manage all these in Salesforce.
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An increase in orders will constrain delivery capacity

  • Salesforce projected an increment of approximately $4.5 billion in COVID-19 delivery surcharges from the traditional delivery providers.
  • This Black Friday, shifting towards online mediums would invite more customer inquiries about Where Is My Order (WISMO).
  • A higher increase in returns due to incorrect orders or crossing the anticipated time of the delivery.
  • But, with Sync Made Easy you can beautifully manage orders, inventory, collections, and be sure about the estimated delivery.

Desktop traffic will see a rise over the past year

  • During these unprecedented times, people are shifting towards the online mode of shopping. Desktop devices saw a growth of 99.3% when compared to the previous year.
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