Shopify and Google Cloud Extend Partnership To Combat Search Abandonment

Shopify announced an extended partnership with Google Cloud to integrate Commerce Components by Shopify with Google Cloud’s search and discovery tooling for enterprise brands.

Shopify’s integration with Google Cloud marks an important milestone for its enterprise solution, Commerce Components.

This extended association will allow enterprise businesses with thousands of SKUs to integrate Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions directly with their online stores using Commerce Components by Shopify.

Let’s get deep insights into this partnership. Read on!

What do the Shopify and Google Cloud partnership mean?

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, retailers are faced with the challenge of keeping up with customer demands and providing an excellent shopping experience.

Search abandonment is a major problem for enterprise retailers. When customers search for a product, but they do not find it, they simply abandon the purchase and leave.

This abandonment costs retailers around the world more than $2 trillion annually, according to a Harris Poll survey commissioned by Google Cloud.

Therefore, in a bid to provide an excellent search experience that leads to fast, relevant product discovery, Shopify extends its partnership with Google Cloud enabling brands to quickly deploy the power of AI.

What’s in it for the Shopify merchants?

Here are the following benefits Shopify retailers can avail of with this integration:

  • With Discovery AI solutions from Google Cloud, businesses can effectively match product attributes to store content based on broad queries, including non-product and semantic search.
  • It also provides AI-powered personalization, which displays and orders products optimally once shoppers choose a category.
  • Furthermore, AI search personalization and recommendations also help determine the taste and preferences of customers by analyzing patterns of their behavior, such as clicks, adds to cart, and purchases.


That was the latest buzz from the Shopify world that will undoubtedly help enterprise retailers provide a better shopping experience for their customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.
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