Shopify merchants witness record-breaking sales on BFCM (1)

Shopify merchants witness record-breaking sales on BFCM: What this means for 2022 and beyond

It’s raining business this holiday season!

Shopify merchants all over the world have done record smashing business on this BFCM. Statistically speaking, there is a 21% increase in sales in 2021 as compared to 2020.

The figures below suggest Shopify merchants’ huge dominance in digital sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday-

Digital sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Total Global Sales- 6.3 billion
Total no. of Shoppers buying from Shopify stores – 47 million
Peak sales per minute- $3.1 million
Average Cart Price- $100. 70

(Source: Shopify) 

As your Shopify- Salesforce integration partner, we had previously brought some predictions and insights for you to prepare for a profitable season. And now, we are here again to assess what factors contributed to a great sale season and what it means for 2022 and years beyond.

Trends that emerge from this sale season

The digital shopping trend is here to stay:

Despite many retail outlets opening up for in-store purchases, shoppers are still preferring purchasing online. With various personalized and easier shopping options provided by retailers, buyers like to complete purchases sitting right from their homes.

Shoppers prefer independent retailers and local favorites:

This sale season, there has been a shift towards independent retailers to support local businesses, thanks to Covid-19. People have sided with independent retailers this holiday season, giving a boost in sales to Shopify merchants.

Offering fulfillment options attracted shoppers:

We have mentioned in our previous blogs featuring in the Holiday sale season series that last-mile delivery and better fulfillment services attract customers to purchase goods from your store. And this was evident in 2021 BFCM sales. Alternate fulfillment options including, local delivery services brought more sales.

Mobile dominates desktop purchasing:

Like last year, this holiday season also 71% of purchases were made from mobile devices. So, clearly mobile is still the king for online purchases.

Black friday sales- 2021

Staying prepared for 2022 and beyond

It can be safely be said the trends mentioned above are here to stay, and you should keep your Shopify store prepped for future sales. You can simply integrate your Shopify store with Salesforce to harness the benefits of this CRM leaders’ capabilities. And it gets more beneficial and simpler when you connect your store with Salesforce using Sync Made Easy app.

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