Top 3 ways Online Retailers can save up to 10 hours per week and be more productive

Top 3 ways Online Retailers can save up to 10 hours per week and be more productive

As we know that Christmas and New year is just around the corner, people are going to shop a lot during this season. According to Adobe Analytics, In US Black Friday 2020, consumers spent about $9.0 billion, an increase of 21.6% over the past year. Also, Global online sales rise by 43% for September 2020 amid the pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, retailers saw a lot of purchases from their customers, and it will continue even in the Christmas season. Experts predict that during this season, sales are going to rise by 55-60%. There comes the Smart Shopify salesforce Connector to help.

Smart Shopify salesforce Connector

Manually doing a lot of things like product management, orders, collections, draft orders, cancelled orders, inventory, and more is a big everyday task. But with smart integration, you can save a lot of your time & become productive.

You should try an intelligent Shopify-Salesforce connector that would make your work-life simpler. Sync Made Easy is one such solution that can help.

With Sync Made Easy, Admins can easily synchronize customers, products, collections, and orders in Shopify in real-time.

It gives you the ability to import legacy data to Salesforce, manage all eCommerce entities from a single platform.

A Reliable Platform

In this digital world, you just can’t share your sensitive data on any platform. It becomes even more important when it is about your customers’ highly confidential data. Hence, it’s better to opt for a reliable platform.

With Sync Made Easy, you can securely and reliably share your data within the app. It would bridge the gap between your Shopify store and Salesforce.

Moreover, This application can be easily used by non-IT users so that they can focus on the things that matter the most.

More Leads to result in more Opportunity

With Sync Made Easy, you can save a lot of time on administrative tasks and focus more on customer service and production.

It makes your work easy when you begin your day and know what you have to concentrate on. Sync Made Easy allows you to concentrate on orders, refunds, collections, and more with so much ease.

You will just need to sort your production schedule and see what your clients have requested. This would enable you to have customer engagements and maintain goodwill.

Get started with the best connector on Salesforce AppExchange, and it is even better when you do not need to pay a penny. Now that you know that Sync Made Easy helps you to integrate your Shopify store with Salesforce seamlessly, you should give it a try. If you would like us to schedule a demo for you, contact us here.