Key Prime Day Takeaways For Shopify Merchants To Ace Holiday Season Sale

Once again Amazon Prime Days 2023 Sale is a hit. According to Amazon, the first day of sales was the company’s biggest ever.

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world has contributed towards the prediction of a rise in e-commerce sales by the end of this holiday season. Even when the world economy and inflation are topics of concern the shopper was lured by heavy discounts.

The fantastic performance of Amazon prime day forecasts a promising sales season for e-retailers during the upcoming holidays.

In the blog, we will indulge ourselves in analyzing the Amazon Prime Days sale. Also, see how Shopify merchants improve their strategy for the upcoming holiday season sale. Let’s get into the blog!

Insight Analysis of Amazon Prime Days Sale


Amazon promotes its products and services at every opportunity, Prime days are no less. The advertisements start a way back to develop an interest and indulge the maximum audience to the events. Amazon never disheartens its customers and during Prime days it offers amazing deals to Prime members of the Amazon like early access etc, and also offers great deals for non-prime members.

During this prime day sale, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) attracted customers and becomes their favourite payment mode. This method would be the first choice in the upcoming holiday seasons. Consumers seek to manage their cash flow and may look for installment loans with zero interest, this method could lure them into the upcoming holiday season.

Consumer spending remains robust despite inflationary pressures, as shoppers are now actively seeking the most competitive prices. The presence of major savings events hosted by prominent retailers such as Amazon, Target, BestBuy, and others is anticipated to generate additional sales for other retailers who capitalize on the opportunity to entice customers with their own online and in-store promotions.

Key Takeaways for Shopify Merchants

  • Likewise in our previous blog on Holiday shopping prediction, Shopify merchant’s focus should be on their current customers and working on social media marketing. Similar to Amazon, Shopify merchants can leverage their customers with personalized offers, or early access during the holiday season. In the era of AI when customers are completely relying on social media, online search, and marketing on these platforms will be effective.
  • Shopify Merchants can think of other payment options and tempt their customers with easy payment methods or pay-later methods.
  • In the current competitive environment when every business merchant is tempting customers, Shopify merchants should reach out to their target audience with the best offers. Events like holiday sales and prime days manage to attract people with the best offers and lured them to save money with great offers. Shopify merchants need to tie up their laces and plan their strategy for the upcoming holiday season.


With the success of Amazon, prime days keep the air clear for the upcoming holiday season. The forecast regarding the e-commerce industry meets expectations despite inflation and the global economic situation.

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