Top 5 apps to alleviate holiday shopping experience in 2022

Top 5 apps to alleviate holiday shopping experience in 2022

It’s that time of the year again!! And holiday season stats are giving a clear indication of a hike in online holiday shopping, but a decrease in total spending.

Clearly, your store needs to step up to accommodate the changes, understand them and flourish despite them.

In the previous blog of our holiday series, we shared how consumer behavior changes can affect holiday shopping in 2022 and what you can do.
In this subsequent blog, we bring to you some awesome apps that will make your Shopify store holiday season ready in the perfect sense.

Here’s your list of top 5 apps to create an awesome holiday shopping experience this holiday season

1. Slack: Make workspace communication easier

This instant messaging app spares you the time spent sending scores of e-mails and holding unnecessary meetings.

This app simplifies communication across teams, all your team has to do is send a quick message and get a reply in seconds.

Slack also claims to increase productivity by 32%. And greater work productivity is directly proportional to greater holiday season success.

2. Sync Made Easy: Connect your store with the #1 CRM

According to Salesforce, the no.1 CRM, a whopping 79% of service professionals say it’s impossible to provide great customer service without a 360 view of the customer.

Consumers today expect a unified holiday shopping experience and Salesforce is an intelligent software that can help with creating one for your customers.

A Shopify integration with Salesforce is required for this. There are different Shopify and Salesforce connectors and methods, but Sync Made Easy stands out. It doesn’t require any coding and is free. The installation and configuration of the app are easy as well.

3. Postscript SMS marketing: Send reminders to your shoppers

This tool creates seamless workflows by allowing you to create SMS subscriber lists, automate test marketing, etc.

Sometimes all you need is to gently remind your holiday customers of the cart they left behind to convert abandoned carts into purchases. Postscript SMS marketing enables you to send those reminders through SMS.

4. Hextom- Create urgency with countdown timers

Discounts are essential in the holiday season 2022, this is proven by the current Consumer behavior reports. In these economically tough times, personalized and perfectly timed discounts will help you drive margins.

Hextom allows you to flash countdown promotions across the entire checkout flow to boost holiday sales.

5. TSheets- Get your team ready for the holiday frenzy

In addition to tracking time on any device, TSheets streamlines payroll, invoicing, and time-off requests. It helps you manage your team easily through the holiday shopping frenzy and create a seamless workflow. So you can give more time to necessary things.


Hope you liked the second blog of our series and would feast on the cool apps we introduced to you.

And if you are intrigued by Salesforce and want to integrate it with your Shopify store, you can install the Sync Made Easy app from Salesforce Appexchange, for a smooth sailing Shopify-Salesforce integration. Want to know more? Book a free demo call with us now!