Top 5 digital service channels that improve customer experience

Top 5 digital service channels that improve customer experience

With plummeting customer expectations it has become more important than ever to deliver all the best experiences to your customers.
Apart from providing a great personalized buying experience, Shopify store owners need to deliver impressive customer service as well to meet customer expectations and encourage future purchases.

Your service team can meet customer expectations with digital customer service channels that deliver quick and agile support.

As your trusted Shopify to Salesforce integration partner, we ensure that you stay updated with industry insights and trends. So today, we will be sharing the top digital service channels for your Shopify store to speed up your service delivery.

So, without any more delay, let’s start!

Mobile is your asynchronous service option

Mobile is the most convenient service option that keeps the conversation going. Using mobile, service teams can get the records of past interactions streamlining the whole service experience.

This way, your agents can work with multiple customers at a time by referring to their mobile options and thus delivering personalized services. Give your customers the option to add their mobile numbers before interactions.

You can also deploy Chatbots to automate customer requests on Messengers, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Social media Channels to address potential problems

71% of companies use social media platforms to find, win and retain customers. Customers often vent out their frustrations on companies if they are dissatisfied with certain products or services on social media platforms.

You can use this platform to nip these problems in the bud before they damage your business reputation.

Shopify merchants can connect their marketing and service with tools like social customer service to get a complete view of customers and unanimously decide on the right response to the customers’ queries or complaints.

Self-Service channels

Nowadays, customers have increased their use of self-service platforms to stay informed. Self-service channels that include resources like Knowledge Base, FAQ, help center, and self-service portals allow customers to access the information through a simple login process.

Through these channels, they can initiate simple requests like asking for returns, product information, etc.
You should keep your self-service channels up to date with the latest trends and customers’ most asked-about topics. Review your information based on these insights, and don’t forget to infuse targeted keywords to be available easily on your site and search engines.

Chatbots for digital Support

Chatbots are basically the extension of your self-service. More and more businesses today rely on chatbots to scale their service.

Chatbots offers a personalized experience to your customer on your digital service channels. To resolve issues, Chatbots analyze the data with AI. Chatbots address customers with their first name, thereby adding a personal touch to the interaction.

They refer to relevant articles or resources to help customers with simple questions. For complex cases, they route the cases to agents after gathering the necessary information.

Chatbots reduce the caseloads on agents by solving simple concerns, enabling your service agents to focus on complex issues.

Video for in-person support

Video is the best thing for face-to-face interaction with customers on digital channels. That is why many companies have started providing video support to their customers to deliver personalized experiences.

Moreover, using video support is very easy. Whenever a customer reaches out for support, you may send them a link to join on a video call, and then you can walk them through the resolutions step by step in person.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the top service channels your Shopify store needs to improve customer experience.
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