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Top 5 eCommerce Trends for your Shopify store in 2021

Ever wondered what changes you will be seeing in the eCommerce sector in 2021? 2020 was a year full of challenges and uncertainties. However, one sector that saw a spiking growth was eCommerce. Today, we will be sharing with you the top eCommerce trends that will shape the year 2021 for you.

So, let’s dive deep into these trends;

Increase in Voice Commerce

People are actively relying on voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo with Alexa and Google Home with Google to do everything. Hence, in the year 2021, people would search for the product using voice search tools.

According to research, 75% of US households will have smart speakers by the year 2025. Also, voice commerce sales are expected to reach $40 billion by 2020.

How to leverage Voice Search for your Shopify store?

  • You should optimize your content for voice queries.
  • You need to ensure a simple flow to buy your products through voice search.
  • Other than that, provide voice-based navigation on your website.

Mobile Commerce to dominate eCommerce

According to Statista, Mobile Commerce is constantly growing and will reach 72.9% by the end of 2021. As customer’s trust is rising, they feel more comfortable while shopping using their mobile devices.

Hence, to make sure that people shop from your website, you need to make it mobile-friendly. Also, making your app mobile-friendly increases your conversion rate up to 4X.

Omnichannel Shopping to become the New Normal

Omnichannel retailing provides shoppers a seamless shopping experience across different channels and devices.

According to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, 73% of respondents use multiple channels during their shopping journey. While the data is almost four years old.

With the growing number of mobile devices and voice assistants, this number will continue to rise even in 2021.

ecommerce trends 2021

Augmented Reality will boost

Why do people choose to buy some products offline? It is probably because offline stores allow them to touch and feel the product which lacks during online shopping.

However, you can now give your shoppers a new way of experience with Augmented Reality. The AR allows the shoppers to get a true sense of the size of the product and every detail of it.

This happens to us when we receive a product that is either too small or too large. Not everybody has the time to see the description of the product and read the size chart. So with Augmented Reality, you get the look & every detail of the product in front of you.

Salesforce will continue to boost Shopify stores’ business

Shopify store owners find it difficult to manage their growing business. Hence, they choose Shopify to Salesforce integration. This integration helps them manage every aspect of their business so that they can focus on other important goals.

In 2020, thousands of Shopify store owners chose Salesforce to manage their CRM. And this number will continue to grow even in 2021.

You can choose an integrator that connects your Shopify store to Salesforce. One such integrator is Sync Made Easy that allows you to seamlessly integrate your Shopify store to Salesforce.


  • You can manage all the eCommerce entities using one app.
  • It is a free app, so a win-win situation for you.
  • Inventory, order, collections, payments, locations, and more can be easily managed by one app.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Can be used with limited technical knowledge.

These were the top trends that will dominate eCommerce in 2021. Let us know if you have any other query regarding this, we will be happy to answer. Also, don’t forget to check out our application and see how it helps you. Or, if you want us to give you a personalized demo then contact us here.