Top 5 tips for every Shopify retailer out there

Top 5 tips for every Shopify retailer out there

Having an online business is not an easy task, and when you are new to the industry, it becomes even more difficult. Managing a Shopify store requires a lot of hard work and is a time-consuming process. We understand the growing needs of customers and how Shopify retailers deliver the best to them.

So, today we are going to tell you about the top tips every Shopify retailer should know. These tips will not only help you increase your sales but eventually will give better customer experiences.

Make your store mobile-friendly

First on our list is making your store mobile-friendly. You know that Shopify has a great website design tool, so now you will just have to drag and drop elements and set a URL structure. You should not forget to focus on making your website mobile-friendly along with the desktop version.

According to Adobe’s 2015 State of Content report, 8 out of 10 people will leave your website if it is not showing the content properly on their device. That means you will lose 80% of your website traffic due to this issue.

Say No to Free-domain

Even though Shopify gives you a free custom domain, but we will suggest you avoid using that. This domain would nowhere help you to boost business or sales. And, all your SEO efforts will go in vain.

Hence, we will suggest you stop using domains like jackstore.myshopify.com and build your own domain. Also, a domain name will not cost you much but will give you high value for money. This domain will help you build your brand and rank on SEO.

SEO to build your way

It would take a while to build links and do content marketing, but the results would surprise you. So, let’s see how would you build SEO of your Shopify store;

  • Make a Sitemap
  • Optimize the images to increase website speed
  • Add unique title and meta description
  • Add relevant keywords

Look for the right pictures

Customers look at the images first before placing their orders. So, you need pictures of high quality that exactly depict what the product is. It would not make any sense if you have a perfect website, good marketing, but poor pictures.

So, you need to take care of this aspect of your store. Thus, you need to invest in a good photographer because that will ultimately give you great results.

Shopify-Salesforce Integration

We know how difficult it is to manage the multiple aspects of your Shopify store. Managing orders, inventory, collections, location, and more can be a daunting task. Hence, you need Shopify to Salesforce integration for a smooth business.

You can integrate your store with Salesforce using a connector from Salesforce AppExchange. One such app is Sync Made Easy that will give you seamless Shopify to Salesforce integration easily. So, now you will not have to worry about anything else but business goals.

We hope that you liked these tips and they help you to make the most of your business. Also, if you want to install the Sync Made Easy app, just click here. If you have any other questions, we can help you. Click here to get your personalized demo with leading Salesforce experts.