Top 5 tools to Boost your Shopify sales

Top 5 tools to Boost your Shopify sales

Team Sync Made Easy

Published on March 11, 2022

Generating sales is one important process that keeps the business running. And to get more sales, you need effective strategies that deliver.

While planning sales strategies, you can take the help of tools that promise to boost your Shopify sales.

So we, as your true Shopify-Salesforce integration partner, have picked the five best tools that help boost your sales and provide hassle-free experiences.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Best tools for increased sales

We know sales generation depends on various factors like lead conversion, marketing, inventory management, upselling, cross-selling, and service.

So, we have compiled a list of the best tools that cover all the bases and help store owners witness an increase in their sales revenue. Here they are

1. Optin Monster

This Shopify app is an all-one solution for converting your visitors to customers.

This tool helps you drive more newsletter signups, create upsell and cross-sell offers, reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

With this app, you can develop stunning onsite marketing campaigns like count-down timers, pop-ups, sticky floating bars, and many more. You can also run Onsite Retargeting campaigns with its personalization and targeting display rules.

2. Sync Made Easy

It is a powerful integration app that connects your Shopify store with Salesforce CRM.

This app lets you seize the full of Salesforce CRM by providing a seamless synchronization of your data such as Accounts, Customers, products, orders, inventory, locations, draft orders, etc.

As a result, Shopify store owners can make informed decisions by gaining customer insights from Salesforce. Also, this work order management app enables efficient and concurrent inventory management in real-time.

3. Trust Pulse

It is very important to earn customers’ trust while selling online. Customers often choose those products that have recommendations.

The Trust Pulse app does exactly the same.

It builds trust among customers by displaying a small pop-up notification of the real-time activities done on the website by other customers. Its real-time event tracking boosts conversions, and its analytics suggest the stats needed to boost the conversion.

4. Partial.ly payments

This payment app offers simple standard check-out plans or Partial.ly payment plans. This app gives store owners the power to have full control over down payments, processing fees, etc.

It is a merchant portal that enables you to view and manage payment plans and processes. It supports over 135 global currencies.

5. Zendesk

It’s another customer service application that you must have in your Shopify Store. You can build your own customer service portal, knowledge base, or online communities with this tool.

It is easy to use with excellent data analysis capabilities, and also offers native add-ons like Chat and Talk.

Wrap Up

Now you know the best tools for growing your Shopify sales. So, go ahead and integrate them with your store, and start selling like no other

And in case you need help with Sync Made Easy installation, schedule a demo call with the experts anytime by clicking on the link here.

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