What’s new in Sync Made Easy: Latest Feature Update

What’s new in Sync Made Easy: Latest Feature Update

In an attempt to make your Shopify-Salesforce integration easier and more pervasive, Sync Made Easy periodically updates its features and versions.

So here again, Sync Made Easy has come up with the latest feature keeping in mind the convenience of Shopify store-owners.

Understanding the massive use of the Salesforce platform in helping Shopify owners offer better customer experience and boost selling, Sync Made Easy has incorporated chosen functionalities that enable the user to avail CRM benefits suitably. So before we know about the latest addition in its features, let us know the existing features which make the app super-efficient.

Compelling features of Sync Made Easy

Sync Made Easy helps you manage your unlimited Ecommerce data by syncing them with Salesforce. It offers:

  • An interactive platform to seamlessly move records into Salesforce.
  • By syncing Customer with Salesforce, this app lets you serve better to your customer using Salesforce insights and thus build customer relationships.
  • A streamlined Order and Inventory management are obtained with the app, which in process smoothen the process of selling.
  • Synchronization of Collections, Accounts, Drafts, products variants, etc. helps in managing work processes, all from a single app.
  • Instant synchronization of data in real-time.
  • A dedicated Support team to deliver customizations and set automation as per your org’s needs.
  • Zero code set-up and configuration process.
  • All in all, a comprehensive one-stop place for managing your stores’ critical business operations without any fuss.

Latest Feature and version Update

Sync Made Easy will facilitate the integration of multiple stores with Salesforce from its platform.

The feature called Multi-store sync allows Shopify merchants having more than one store to sync their unlimited data seamlessly with Salesforce, using a single sign-in.
Hence, Shopify store owners now can effectively utilize their data by capitalizing on Salesforce’s capabilities, with the help of this app. This feature saves time, reduces manual error, and increases operational efficiency.

It is available in Current version 1.18.

You may download this free app from Salesforce AppExchange anytime.

Wrap Up

We hope we like this latest update.

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