5 Last-minute tips to add to your Cyber Monday checklist

5 Last-minute tips to add to your Cyber Monday checklist

Cyber Monday arrives two days after the Black Friday sale and is considered another big online shopping event where you can delight your holiday shoppers and earn solid revenue.

This year, Cyber Monday falls on 28 November 2022, and you must have created a lot of buzz around your promotions.
As Cyber Monday is just around the corner, here are some last-minute tips to help you make the most of the holiday. Here they are-

1. Test your e-commerce store for optimization

With e-commerce store owners experiencing more traffic on Cyber Monday, it is absolutely essential to optimize your website for better performance,
To deliver an unforgettable experience, You must ensure that everything in your store works flawlessly right from page loading to payment gateway.

So, before D-day, run the following check-ups

  • Review your webpage for faster loading
  • Mobile responsiveness for all pages and pop-ups.
  • Check for the broken link on product pages.
  • Optimize your site with keywords related to cyber Monday searches

2. Hone your Customer Support

With the increased influx of customers, both existing and new, the number of queries will also increase, especially from new customers. Simultaneously, there will be concerns regarding exchange and returns as well.

As providing good support is the key to attaining customer loyalty, you can win over your customers this Cyber week by helping them in the following ways-

  • Updating Faqs and articles addressing cyber sale queries.
  • Offering virtual assistant or live chat support services

3. Send out urgent emails

As email marketing is a core part of any promotional campaign, utilize email marketing one last time to send out urgent emails to your customer urging them to avail of big discounts and save money during the final hours of the holiday sales.
You may also repackage your Black Friday offerings and encourage shoppers to check back.

4. Ensure smooth checkout

To make the shopping experience delightful, a smooth checkout process is crucial. As shoppers shop primarily because of tempting deals and offer on BFCM days, keeping them engaged on one website is tough.

Unless the whole shopping experience is seamless, they will leave.
To reduce cart abandonment and deliver a smooth checkout experience., you must
Get rid of filling out long forms and capture necessary data only

  • Keep multiple payment options.
  • Ensure payment gateways work properly

5. Connect your store with Salesforce CRM

Connecting your store with Salesforce CRM can benefit your business this shopping season.

With Salesforce offering full-fledged cutting-edge solutions for eCommerce businesses, you might want to sync your store to deliver a frictionless customer experience.

You may install the plugin app Sync Made Easy from Salesforce AppExchange and hook your Shopify store with Salesforce instantly to enjoy seamless Shopify Salesforce data sync this Cyber Monday.


With these last-minute tips, we hope you have a successful Cyber Monday sale. And, if you need help configuring the Sync Made Easy app, talk to the experts for a complimentary demo today!