5 ways to create a personalized buying experience on your Shopify store

5 ways to create a personalized buying experience on your Shopify store

In continuation of our previous blog on how to deliver meaningful shopping experiences to your customers, we have come again to share tips on creating personalized buying experiences on your Shopify store.

As we have mentioned in many of our recent blogs, providing personalized shopping experiences is the need of today’s online businesses to entice buyers to come back to your store and shop more and more.

After all, growth in sales and customer loyalty is the ultimate objective of store owners.

So, in this blog, we will explore some effective ways you can create personalization on your Shopify store to woo new customers and retain the old ones. Let us dive in.

Ecommerce Personalisation and ways to create personalized experiences

To begin with, E-commerce Personalization means providing a tailored customer experience to your customers on your online store.

Your customer’s shopping history, recent searches, browsing habits, and other information are the elements that help to create personalization.

Here are some ways you can create one.

1. Leveraging AI recommendations

We all probably know by now how AI is becoming instrumental in deriving smart insights into our customers and processes.

So, you must harness the power of artificial intelligence to offer recommendations and customized product suggestions to your customers.

While inappropriate recommendations may confuse the customer, recommending the customized product suggested by AI can result in a hike in conversion rates.

A Successful personalized recommendation by AI will not only increase your conversion rates but also will save time.

2. Sending out Personalised emails

Email marketing is one of the best ways for eCommerce personalization. Sending out personalized emails to customers tailored to their unique needs drives them to your store.

Apart from that, you can retarget your past customers and attract new ones with offers, discounts, and customized products through personalized emails.

Noteworthy, the content also plays a big part as you can capture their attention only when your content is relevant and engaging.

3. Customized campaigns

You must be running ad campaigns to target more and more customers. A good campaign increases your returns on Advertising Spend (ROAS). And if you add eCommerce personalization to target your customers, the campaign will generate maximized returns.

Customers do not convert if the experience provided is not tailored to their needs. Customized publicity and personalized experience in your store ensure a campaign’s success.

4. Display customer reviews

Customers prefer to buy products after evaluating the experiences other buyers had. So, featuring your customer reviews and testimonials is a wise idea to gain the trust of first-time buyers.

The more thoughtful choices you provide to your customers, like suggesting similar products others are buying or customer feedback, the more likely you are to gain your buyer’s trust.

5. Reduce abandoned carts

Abandoned carts clearly indicate the poor experience you are providing to customers. There could be many reasons for increased abandoned carts like high shipping costs, insufficient methods of payments, insecure website, clumsy checkout process, or technical glitches.

In any of the scenarios, the customer loses interest and leaves your website without completing the purchase.

Fix these issues to deliver a pleasant buying experience to your customers.

Wrap Up

We hope this blog helps you create personalized buying experiences in your store.

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