AI and Automation the Future of Selling for Consumer Goods Companies - Harvard’s Research

AI and Automation the Future of Selling for Consumer Goods Companies – Harvard’s Research

Did you know that about 48% of Consumer Good (CG) companies have turned to AI and Automation? Yes, you read that right. A report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services says this. Giving a great customer experience has become a real deal for retailers all over the world.

Salesforce recently sponsored this report from Harvard Business Analytic services to uncover the changes CG companies are making. It found that CG companies are creating digital models to give the best customer experience to their customers.

How CG Companies engage with their customers in new ways and adapt to changes?

The recent drastic changes in the world have made the retailers shift from the traditional way of selling. Also, about 78% of respondents said that the pandemic made them switch to new ways to engage. Another 42% of respondents said that they are adopting new models to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

Direct-to-Customer (D2C)

CG companies are going direct to customers by giving them special offers and bringing them to their websites. They do these special offers for data. This way, the retailers get a better understanding of customers’ preferences and shopping behaviors. For example, PepsiCo launched two eCommerce websites in 30 days to give better customer journeys quickly at times of pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence

The research also shows that 48% of CG companies will likely choose artificial intelligence in the next two years. As you know, AI helps retailers put the right products at the right time in front of the right people. In both physical and digital channels of selling.

AI helps CG companies predict the right customer behaviors, demands, needs and suggest the right products.

Shopify sellers on the Salesforce way

Along with AI and Automation, CG sellers on Shopify have found Salesforce to be their medium to better engage with their customers. They have integrated their store with Salesforce so that they can manage everything from a single platform. You can also integrate your Shopify store with Salesforce using a connector.

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