Black Friday 2022 Guide 4 key phases of holiday sales

Black Friday 2022 Guide: 4 key phases of holiday sales

Black Friday 2022 is right around the corner! This year, holiday shopping started early, as shoppers chose to purchase goods way ahead of the holidays to avoid hikes in prices.

The rising inflation and a shift in consumer behavior may seem to impact holiday sales, but businesses can still witness profit if they implement solid strategies through the various phases of sales.

In this blog post today, we will share how businesses can make the most out of the Black Friday 2022 sales by segmenting the shopping season into four key phases.
Let’s get started, shall we?

The four stages of Black Friday sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have always been shoppers’ favorite days for getting amazing deals and discounts. However, shoppers don’t shop for only discounts anymore. They expect personalized and impactful experiences.

So, to offer an unforgettable shopping experience and retain customers, businesses must take action on these key phases of the sale season.

Phase 1: Setting up strong foundations

Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, businesses must establish strong foundations. And that foundation can only be laid with complete customer information provided by data.

Leveraging the data and insights, you can send out the right message to the customer just at the right time. During the holiday shopping season, you can utilize your customer data to identify customer intent across channels.

Phase 2: Reach out to customers early

With customers beginning to shop early, businesses also need to reach out to their customers well in advance to capture more engagement and sales.
Businesses must focus on building awareness in the pre-shopping times when customers are just making up their minds to buy products.

Phase 3: Maximize Holiday Sale Purchases

This phase is the most crucial one as it directly impacts your growth. The ultimate motto of every business is to increase the sales volume to drive higher revenue.
In order to maximize holiday sales, businesses must integrate flexible budgets and bids, enable seamless experiences, and retarget shoppers with high intent.

Phase 4: Retain Holiday Shoppers

To earn customer loyalty and increase revenue, businesses must retain holiday shoppers. With so many tempting offers and deals everywhere, your customers might forget you. So, you must stay at the top of customers’ minds by rewarding loyal customers with loyalty programs, retargeting, and engaging on social media.


We hope this coverage helps you increase your sales on Black Friday 2022. Stay connected for more such tips on doing great business this holiday season.

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