Consumer Behavior changes may curb spending in holiday season 2022

Consumer Behavior changes may curb spending in holiday season 2022 – Here’s what you can do

The holiday season 2022 will be a bit different, owing to the behavioral changes in the way customers shop. Keeping a track of this is of utmost importance for businesses, mainly because the holiday season 2022 is a promising period for sales.

The final verdict rests on how you navigate through these changes. So, considering these changes while planning your strategy is of prime importance.

Even on the market front, businesses had to endure supply chain problems, market inflation, and labor shortages this year. These are additional factors that influence customer behavior. These changes have set a holiday trend in 2022 wherein customers have started buying earlier than usual to get the best deals and avoid the last-minute price hike.

Businesses need to get ready for the holiday season 2022 to end this year with success. But how?

In this blog, we bring you tips on how you can navigate these unchartered waters to wrap up the year with success. Let’s go-

1. Give exclusive offers

Offering exclusive offers is a great way to grab attention. A distinctive experience or an exclusive series of products that are limited is a sure way to have your customers take a look at your products. Grabbing attention amidst an ocean of holiday offers is half the battle won. So give interesting offers to your consumers.
This becomes more important as consumer behavior patterns show that customers are gravitating more toward better offers and experiences according to their budget than loyalty.

2. Offer Self-service to customers

According to Salesforce, 59% of customers prefer self-service tools when it comes to answering simple questions. You can create a help-center page in your store and a customer portal where customers are empowered to self-initiate returns, manage and update their profile, and order history, track orders, etc. This will also decrease case volume and allow agents to cater to customers with complex problems this holiday season. This is a great way to the expectation created due to the consumer behavior changes in the holiday season 2022.

3. Check your website traffic

Holiday shoppers usually have a long list, and keeping them waiting may turn them off. So make sure that your website is prepared for the holiday traffic and every page loads efficiently.

4. Create personalized experiences

Leverage artificial intelligence-driven personalization to create an awesome customer experience for your buyers this holiday season. You can use AI-driven data to make sure that your customers get the right product timely to combat the consumer behavior changes in the holiday season 2022.

5. Update your inventory

Last but not least – inventory. Make use of your purchase history and consumer trends to plan out your inventory stock-up to save costs and last-minute hassles in the holiday season 2022. Avoid unnecessary costs of overstocking products.

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