How to Leverage Data to turn Browsing into Buying this Holiday Season

How to Leverage Data to turn Browsing into Buying this Holiday Season

The holiday season is yet to begin, but many businesses have already started preparing to acquire and engage customers for the upcoming shopping season!

This year, holiday season shopping is expected to be different given the ongoing inflation, and supply chain issues are causing a dip in customer spending.

So, how to drive engagement and earn loyalty in a tough economy?

The answer lies in first-data data or Customer data!

Make your store holiday-ready by implementing a strategy that utilizes customer data to make holiday shopping thrilling experiences for the customers.

In this blog, we have shared some outstanding ways to use customer data to find, attract and retain customers during this holiday season.

Personalize every interaction with Customer data

Did you know a report revealed that businesses having a strong retail data strategy can grow their revenue 2.9 times quicker than those who do not have any good strategy in place?

Yes, that’s right and a vital part of this data strategy is to create personalized customer experiences using first-party data.

As it is important to make today’s budget-conscious customers feel special, delivering personalized experiences can help you make more profits.

By using first-party data, you can send then offers and messages tailored specifically to meet their needs. To do that, you should know what kind of data to collect, when to collect and how to utilize it.

Your data collection should focus on avoiding intrusive information and collecting only those data that are crucial to you.

Some sure shots ways to collect zero or third-party data are:
  • Loyalty Programs: Attract your loyal customers by offering loyalty programs that provide the best value exchange possible.
  • Connect your sales, service, and marketing team to a unified data platform to access data anytime to make each interaction data-driven and personalized.

Make Online Shopping an intuitive, fast and budget-friendly

Just delivering personalized communication is not enough to grow margin in this challenging economy.

You should deliver a delightful shopping experience even to first-time visitors to grow your customer base.

Leveraging the power of data, you can achieve this in the following ways:

  • Offer Recommendations for the best products and offers on your most viewed page with stock availability and delivery information.
  • Design intelligent bundle plans to save the time and money of your budget-conscious customers.
  • Optimize the shopping experiences on every mobile device(this is where the maximum sales come from) and ensure a personalized and fast checkout.

Wrap Up

So, by utilizing the first-party data, you can earn good revenue this holiday season. And the good part is that you can achieve all of these by using the Salesforce platform.

So, without any delay, connect your Shopify store with Salesforce CRM and sync your Shopify records into Salesforce to seize the full potential of your customer data.

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