Optimize Your Post-Purchase Experience With Sync Made Easy

Optimize Your Post-Purchase Experience With Sync Made Easy

The post-purchase experience starts the moment after a customer checks out from your e-commerce store. From first-time shoppers to your trusted customers the experience of post-purchase is the beginning of an impactful relationship. The positive impact of a relationship will nudge the buyer to return to the online store.

Existing customers behave as assets to your brand, so we need to focus on the current customer and maintain a healthy relationship with the new one for long-lasting effects. To give your customers a delightful experience you need to gear up your Shopify Store with a bigger platform like Salesforce.

In this blog, we will discuss how Sync Made Easy turned up to be a big player in your journey to success.

Features That Boost Delightful Post-Purchase Experience

It is crucial to boost the delighted post-purchase experience for your business growth. The way you handle clients after they convert, or after they buy from you, becomes the base of your relationship with the client. Shipping, order delivery, gathering feedback or ideas, and managing returns or exchanges are all included in this. Here are some features in Sync Made Easy that will please your clients at various points during the post-purchase journey:

Shipping sync Feature of Sync Made Easy

In the current scenario, our customer’s expectations are very high. When everything available is just a click away they expect to know where their shipment is at every moment. The up-to-date delivery and status of the shipment through mail or messages assure the client that their order is on the way and about to reach them. With Sync Made Easy, sync your real-time data with Shopify and Salesforce and avail of seamless personalized services.

Refund And Return Are High Priority Task

In the e-commerce industry, the return and refund policy should be transparent and fair, and it seems appealing and bring trust to the customers. They feel secure that the money they have invested in is at the right place and in case they do not like the product, the amount will get refunded. The insecurity is genuine as they are not assured of the product they have chosen unless check it physically. The refund and return policy gives the feeling of security to the consumer.

Timely updates about returns and refunds with a personalized touch in different touchpoints make your customer feel secure. Such a positive experience creates a strong bond with the customer and higher the chance of converting him into a loyal customer. Sync Made Easy easily syncs your real-time data and helps with the faster processing of refunds and returns to customers.


Business owners mostly overlook the post-purchase experience and focus only on selling products. But the study shows that by investing in current clients, businesses can build a big database of loyal customers and thus maintain a regular ROI.

Sync Made Easy is an ace player in terms of integrating Shopify and Salesforce platforms with real-time sync. Consult our support team for the pro features. So, get started by installing the app from Appexchange today!