Shopify collaborates with Twitter to expand its social media offerings

Shopify collaborates with Twitter to expand its social media offerings

It seems like big brands have cracked the code of succeeding in Social Commerce.

The leading CRM company, Salesforce, has recently partnered with TikTok to tap the potential of social media platforms in expanding its customer base.

And joining the bandwagon, Shopify has collaborated with another social media giant, Twitter, to expand its social media offerings and connect more with its audiences.

Let us know more about this partnership in the following sections!

What’s driving the partnership

Announcing the Shopify collaboration with Twitter, Shopify also has unveiled more than 100 new tools for its merchants.

In a current market scenario where businesses are trying to move from ‘direct to consumer‘ to ‘connect to consumer’, it becomes easier for people to shop from social media platforms and pay through their phones.

Glen Coates, Shopify’s vice-president of products was quoted as saying,

At the beginning of the direct-to-consumer revolution 10 (to) 15 years ago, it was enough to just make it easy to buy online and complete the transaction, but today, things have changed, and just getting the transaction is no longer enough. It is absolutely essential for a commerce business in 2022 to build those lifelong connections, lifelong fans, and deep relationships with their customers in order to make the business work, frankly.”

So, with this Twitter partnership and new enhancements, Shopify wants to facilitate those relations with an improved shopping experience on social media platforms.

What the Shopify-Twitter partnership offers

With this partnership, Shopify will enable the merchants to display their products on profiles on Twitter.

As a result, merchants can easily facilitate sales through social media by leveraging the Twitter platform.

Apart from this, they can also move to sync merchants’ local inventory with Google so that their customers can get notified automatically whenever a product becomes available in their store.

Wrap Up

That was all about Shopify’s new alliance with Twitter. So, go ahead and be discoverable to Twitter users and sell more.

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