Shopify introduces Shopify Collabs to connect merchants with new-age creators

Shopify introduces Shopify Collabs to connect merchants with new-age creators

Shopify ramps up its social commerce game with the launch of yet another product called Shopify Collabs.

Shopify aims to cement its name as the creator’s preferred commerce platform with the launch of social commerce products like Linkpop, Starter Plan, and now Shopify Collabs.

With Shopify Collabs, creators can discover brands and collaborate with Shopify merchants to build curated shops and connect with their audiences.

Merchants, on the other hand, can unlock a new way to make their products discoverable and engage with new consumers by allowing creators to use the merchants’ community for special offers and plans.

Let’s learn more about Shopify Collabs!

What’s driving the news

The creator economy is now worth $104 Billion, and Shopify plans to bring economic independence to the new-age entrepreneurs by helping them monetize using the Collabs feature.

Also, in its attempt to become a creator’s commerce platform of choice, Shopify is powering up commerce for the creator’s economy with its link in bio tool Linkpop, Starter plans, and its integration with major social and entertainment platforms like Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and more.

How Shopify Collabs will benefit merchants and creators

The Shopify Collabs feature helps creators monetize by managing the entire journey from discovery to pay out on its platform.

Using Shopify Collabs, Creators can

  • Find brands and establish partnerships with merchants that align with their audience for free.
  • Once they partner with the brands they love, they can use Shopify’s Linkpop tool to curate a selection of products on their social media channels.
  • And the creator gets paid when anyone buys products using the link shared by them.

Likewise, by Leveraging Collabs, Merchants can:

  • Make their store and products discoverable to the creators.
  • Reach new sales channels to find and connect with high-impact audiences
  • Maintain relationships with creators

Wrap Up

Well, that was all about Shopify’s new tool for social commerce.

If you are keen to know more about Shopify’s latest updates, keep an eye on our blogs regularly.

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