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Tips for creating an excellent retail shopping experience this holiday season 2022

With the rising inflation that has continued well into this year, wooing your customers to buy might be challenging.

Even though the holiday season is still a few months away, buyers have already started their holiday shopping owing to the fact that it allows time to spread out the cash flow and find better deals.

So, to sum up, even though the holiday season 2022 will bring sales, your business will have to gear up to attract your consumers. The challenge would be to strengthen your online presence and enhance your online commerce experience.

Let’s dive into “how you can get your business ready for the holiday season in 2022”

1. Optimize your mobile commerce experience to be faster

Currently, more people are leaning towards mobile web apps to shop over any other shopping channel. With trends like this, optimizing your mobile commerce becomes imperative. Create an easy mobile shopping experience by –

  • Make use of mobile-specific marketing

Send well-timed notifications when a sale starts or when you’re offering deals. It works as a good strategy to grab your customer’s attention.

  • Easy browsing and check-out 

Go for easy designs that load fast and make the ‘buy now’ button easy to spot. A one-step check-out is preferable with a wide range of payment options.

  • Ensure good customer service 

Optimize your after-purchase experiences like returns and feedback.

2. Utilize the Power of Social Marketing

With the ever-increasing time, people are now spending on their phones and tabs, being influenced by everything we see on social networks is unavoidable. You can use this to your advantage by leveraging the power of social media influencers to make people buy your specific products. You can also talk about your products, giving a whole review, something you can not do through your website.

3. Rethink your inventory and order management game

Just imagine yourself in the shoes of a customer who has ordered something but cannot track the order or has no update about his/her order. The following are some tips on how you can better tackle the problems of order and inventory management.

  • Ensure easy tracking and order history viewing 

Empower your customers through easy tracking of orders and access to order history. Invest in easy returns to win your customers as well.

  • Being transparent goes a long way in building a loyal customer base that will keep shopping with you

75% of customers say that transparency is important for them. Losing one deal is certainly better than losing a customer and therefore future orders.

  • Get the right order management system to resolve order-related problems efficiently

Sync Made Easy can help you have easy order and inventory management    through integration with Salesforce.

  • Ensure faster delivery 

Everyone loves a brand that delivers on time. Again, for this, you would need a good inventory management system. So that availability of your products is updated in time and your customers don’t have to go through a long wait to get their orders.

Have a Shopify store? Connect your store with Salesforce with our Salesforce-Shopify connector – Sync Made Easy from the Salesforce Appexchange.

4. Update your payment methods

With inflation still being around, you have to think beyond installment options.

You can increase your order value by implementing the buy-now-pay-later option, including mobile wallets as another payment option may also help.

Wrap up!

Stay tuned for more business tips and news. We would be coming up with more holiday season-related articles soon.