Top 5 Tips to Boost your Conversion Rate on Shopify

Top 5 Tips to Boost your Conversion Rate on Shopify

We all know that getting high website traffic is good.
But, is it enough?
The reality is that good traffic doesn’t always mean a reasonable conversion rate, you must optimize your online store to yield a good conversion rate as well.
Your goal should be to decrease the gap between the number of buyers visiting your store and the number of people making a purchase.
In this blog, we bring to you the top 5 tips that will make your buyers take the plunge and make a purchase. Let’s begin!

Tips to boost conversions on your Shopify Store

The foremost thing you should undertake is to know where you stand. You can measure your store’s conversion rate by utilizing Google Analytics. Let’s see how, along with other tips that will help you boost your Store’s conversion rate-

1. Analyze Google Analytics to optimize your store

Google Analytics allows you deeper insights into your Shopify store. It is a free tool that is convenient to use. You can use these insights to identify where your website is lacking. You may look into the following areas and make use of them to create better campaigns and improve your website-

  • Use Demographics to identify where most of your buyers are.
  • Identify the best-performing products through Product performance.
  • Identify your top acquisition channels through Channels.
  • Identify slow-loading pages through Page Timings.

2. Use Pop-ups

You can use pop-ups to create urgency or grab customers’ attention to various deals you’re offering in your store. Use lines like “Only 2 Left”, “Deal ends in 2 minutes” etc to give your customers the push to finalize the purchase. There are many apps out there that you can use to add pop-ups to your website.

3. Use positive reviews and testimonials to build trust

Promotion through the customers themselves is extremely effective. Add your customer reviews to build trust around the purchase. A huge number of customers rely heavily on reviews and testimonials to make the final decision. So, make sure you add ample reviews and testimonials to your Shopify store.

4. Write detailed product descriptions and add high-quality images

Having concise and brief product descriptions and clear images is paramount since a lack of them might turn off many customers. Use several images to give your buyer a full visual picture of the product they’re buying.

5. Opt for a Simple and Crisp check-out process

Ensure that your check-out process is very simple, it is the last page before a customer makes the purchase. Offer many payment options and ask for the necessary information only. Try to avoid the mandatory sign-up option for checking out.


Now go ahead and implement all these tips and don’t forget to evaluate your store. We will soon be back with another ‘Top 5’ article for you soon.
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