Shopify to Salesforce Integration in 2021

Top Reasons Why Your Store needs Shopify to Salesforce Integration in 2021

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce stores out there as it allows you to sell from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell online or in-person Shopify is the solution for you. But even after the sudden shift towards digital platforms, some retailers still lack in getting the best.

Hence, you need an all-around solution that not only helps you in generating revenue but also makes your work manageable. So, today we are here to tell you the top reasons why your store needs Shopify-Salesforce integration.

Your Shopify Store is not making Sales

Do you find your Shopify store not making sales in 2021? With the growing demands of customers all over the world, it has become difficult to have loyal customers. People get discounts, offers, great deals in probably every online store.

So, how would you stand out among those retailers? You will be able to do it if you have retained your previous customers. All you need to do is work on your existing customers and give them better services each time.

Shopify to Salesforce Integration in 2021

Your team finds it difficult to manage time

Has time management become a big issue for your team? It is probably because of the manual work, answering customers, keeping records, and managing other things. When you integrate your Shopify store with Salesforce, you will be able to manage things faster and efficiently.

You lack in delivering the best customer service

Do you feel that you are not able to give the best services to your customers? When running an online store, or even offline for that matter, the thing that makes your customer come back to you is your service. Hence, it is quite important to make sure that your customers are satisfied.

“Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.” Sally Gronow.

Shopify-Salesforce Integration with Sync Made Easy

  • This app acts as a bridge between your Shopify store and Salesforce. It allows you to utilize every aspect of Salesforce, also you can use features of Lightning, Classic, and Shopify together with Sync Made Easy.
  • The connector also allows you to sync your data with Salesforce in real-time. It connects the apps, configures workflows into streamlined processes.
  • Also, you can manage orders, variants, collections, locations, draft orders, order fulfillment, and more.
  • Your teams can use this app with limited or zero technical knowledge. This app requires no code, so anyone can use it.

We hope that now you know why Shopify-Salesforce integration is necessary and what all it can do for your business. You can install Sync made easy from Salesforce AppExchange. Also, if you want us to schedule a personalized demo call for you, then click here.