3 Ways Salesforce CRM Help Shopify Stores Become Customer-Centric Businesses in 2023

3 Ways Salesforce CRM Help Shopify Stores Become Customer-Centric Businesses in 2023

Becoming a customer-centric business is the need of the hour. In 2023, customer experience has become a critical factor in the success of e-commerce businesses, including Shopify stores.

As revealed in Salesforce’s recent State of Connected Customer Report, customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, and to communicate honestly and transparently.
In addition, a growing number of customers prefer to engage through digital channels, and they expect consistent interactions across departments.
To meet these expectations, Shopify stores need to become customer-centric businesses in 2023.

But what’s holding them back and how the world’s no.1 customer relationship management, Salesforce CRM can help?
Continue reading the blog to know the answers!

The Roadblock To Becoming a Customer-centric business

Shopify Stores have multiple opportunities and channels to delight customers, yet they face challenges in becoming a company that truly puts the customer first.

So what’s stopping them-it is the customer data that is disintegrated across multiple platforms. In the absence of a unified view of data, they aren’t able to provide connected experiences to their customers.

Plus, many stores often struggle to deliver to their customer on the right channels at the right time, causing them to lose out on their customers.
Moreover, in today’s era, it is also essential to enable a connected, engaged workspace for employees to deliver from anywhere.

How Salesforce Helps

Shopify-Salesforce Integration has been helpful for Shopify stores in many ways, but now Salesforce can help them to turn into a customer-centric company to meet customer expectations in 2023.

Here is how Salesforce can help:

Consolidate multiple systems into one
Deliver seamless customer experiences across digital and physical touchpoints by aligning your entire company around a single customer view. This will reduce costs and complexity.

Enhance productivity through automation:
Make your sales, marketing, and customer service teams more productive by automating workflows and using powerful productivity tools.

Catalyze growth with real-time insights
Understand your customers’ behavior, personalize their experiences, and build lasting relationships with them. with real-time data, analytics, and insights.


So, if you haven’t integrated your Shopify store with Salesforce already. Install the Sync Made Easy app right away to sync both platforms in real time. Visit Salesforce AppExchange today!