Cyber Monday 2021: Tips to drive sales on the D-day

Cyber Monday 2021: Tips to drive sales on the D-day

The holiday season like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s eve means super busy and rewarding times of the year for the retailers.

We know Black Friday is the biggest sales day for the retail sector.

But as an e-commerce retailer, another day that means profound business is Cyber Monday.

On this day, customers slip into shopping spree mode and merchants register huge sales on this day.

Hence, this is a critical day for online retailers to drive more business. As an eCommerce retailer, you must get ready to seize the traffic and generate some good business.

What is Cyber Monday after all

For starters, Cyber Monday is the biggest 24 hours online shopping event. The Monday following Thanksgiving is observed as Cyber Monday.

It was initially created by businesses to engage people in online shopping but has now become an extension of Black Friday.

This year’s Cyber Monday event falls on November 29, 2021.

Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping day, provides a massive chance for e-commerce retailers to ring in their cash registers.

Smart retailers take ideas from the Black Friday sales season to know what is working for them and thus implement these insights to sell their less-in-demand products offering deals on Cyber Monday.

They also see it as an opportunity to clear stocks and collect data for the big Christmas sale.

Cyber Monday 2021: Tips to drive sales on the D-day

Gearing up for Cyber Monday

Here are some pointers to prepare your store for the Cyber Monday

Creating buzz about the sale 

Generally, businesses offer deals on D-day. But creating hype about the deals and offers before the sale helps you to engage your customers. The suspense will gain momentum and eventually will lead to an increase in the volume of business on the event day. So start promoting deals and offers early on your website.

Website optimization for all devices

In today’s omnichannel environment, it is essential to optimize your website for mobile devices. Make sure your website looks good with content displaying Cyber Monday offers, discounts, blog posts, images, and ads.

Also, you may invest in paid advertising and email marketing.

Handling the demand with Salesforce

An efficient CRM like Salesforce can help you manage the backend operations like inventory management, order management, and gathering customer information to stay prepared for the Cyber Monday sale.

If you have not integrated your store with Salesforce, now is the best time to do so.

You can synchronize your Shopify store with the best Shopify to Salesforce connecter app, Sync made easy.

It is a thoughtfully designed app that maintains the confidentiality of your data while syncing them with that of Salesforce. Also, the zero code integration steps help to integrate in real-time without any manual intervention.

You may download the app from Salesforce App Exchange and get started in no time.


We hope this article helps you to stay prepared for the Cyber Monday sale.

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